Makes the job of staffing effortless.

Your front, mid and back-office can all be rolled into one super-powerful, tailored and secure staffing software platform

All your flow-streams, whether it’s the life of a temp or the whole staffing process, are fully automated. Imagine that. It’s all built on the rock-solid Salesforce foundation and can be 100% tailored to your brand identity and processes. Seriously, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Goodbye complexity.
Hello efficiency.

With the m|ployee software platform, every step of the customer and candidate process flows effortlessly into the next. It’s a super-streamlined system with efficiency and flexibility at its core so everyone knows what’s what at all times. Plus your consultant’s job is made a whole lot easier. Win win.

One staffing platform.
Everything you need.
Job done.

For every staffing task you have, we’ve developed a streamlined software solution to create the most efficient way of completing it. All our core features have been built to deliver simplicity for you and your team, every single day.

Sales and Contracting

Customer onboarding has to be super secure, so that’s exactly what we make it.

m|ployee makes sure that all the information about the client, from labour agreements to financial data and other rules and regulations, are all gathered, checked, sent and signed for in the Master Agreements.

Sales and Contracting
Recruitment and onboarding

Recruitment and onboarding

Our powerful search and match engine makes it easy to find the right candidates for the right jobs, and vice versa.

Once the interview process is complete and you have a successful match, you can onboard the candidate in just a few clicks. Every document is digitally generated, messages sent and timesheets created in just a few clicks more. Isn’t it nice when things just work.

Time Management and Finance

Our Labour Agreement engine makes everything effortless.

All the union labour agreements and account labour agreements are calculated into every hour. Plus, you can send valuated time to any payroll or finance system all with just one finger. You can even make retroactive changes to any agreement and m|ployee will instantly recalculate payroll, agreements – everything. Click, click done.

Time Management and Finance

Plug into the power of m|ployee

Your front, mid and back-office can all be rolled into one super-powerful, tailored, and secure staffing software platform.

Highly flexible, stable and secure, the m|ployee staffing platform has been built from the ground up to give your consultants everything they need. It’s fully developed and easily tailored to your businesses workflows. And should you need to add any useful features from ISV partner apps like Jitterbit, DocuSign, Documill or over 200 other options, you can plug and play in moments.

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